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Interior and Exterior Detailing

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Interior Detailing Services

Exterior Detailing Services

Detailing with Additional Buffing Pass

Full Expert Auto Detailing Services

Paint Correction

Modesta Ceramic Coating

Expert Auto Detailing Services

Interior Detail

Enjoy a refreshed interior. Our service includes vacuuming, carpet and mat cleaning, and steam cleaning. We'll also dress your leather and plastics with premium conditioners.

Additional charges may apply for pet hair, significant spills, or extremely dirty cars.

Exterior Detail

Experience a shiny exterior with a hand wash, clay bar for paint decontamination, exterior polishing, and wax application. This service can remove 60% of swirls, light scratches, and scuffs. It also includes wheel and tire cleaning and dressing.

Exterior Detail with Additional Buffing Pass

Our two-step exterior detail. The first pass removes deep scratches and scuffs with a heavy compound, and the second pass eliminates minor damage, leaving your car glossy.

Full Detail

The comprehensive package, combines interior and exterior detailing services.

* Additional charges may apply for pet hair, significant spills, or extremely dirty cars.

Paint Correction

Correct each panel of your car, achieving the best paint condition. Recommended for ceramic coating application and even brand-new cars.

Modesta Ceramic Coating BC08

Quick and easy daily driver protection. Achieve a brilliant shine, remarkable water repellency, and self-cleaning capabilities. The thick coating acts as a self-scarifying barrier, defending your vehicle against scratches and environmental damage.

Modesta Ceramic Coating BCX

An excellent cost-performance option for enhancing shine, gloss, and overall appearance. Enjoy outstanding hydrophobic water behavior, keeping your car clean for weeks with minimal upkeep.

Modesta Ceramic Coating BC04

Combining the best of Pure Liquid Glass coatings and high-quality nano-grade titanium for a deeper shine and better paint reflections. Extremely resistant to oxidation and featuring anti-scratch protection.

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