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Every car deserves to shine (literally) and you can rest assure that our specialists will handle your automotive detailing with care.


Expert St Louis Car Detailing

Cars and trucks in Missouri are often subject to a wide variety of weather and road conditions.  Months of dry, hot, summer conditions around the St. Louis area can leave your car looking dusty. Winter storms and road salt can accumulate on exterior paint.  Grime can coat plastic trim parts as well as inside vinyl surfaces, detracting from the appearance of vehicles.

The Detailing Pros have seen the results of these conditions and we know what it takes to mitigate them. Specialty St Louis car detailing is not just a talent of ours; it’s a passion so let us demonstrate that to you with a thorough “like new” cleaning of your car.

What's Included In Our

Expert Auto Detailing Services


Complete thorough vacuum

Upholstery and carpet cleaning

Leather cleaned and conditioned

Cleaned gages, buttons, knobs, and vents

Cleaned and Dress Vinyl, plastic and trim


Eco friendly hand wash

Clay and decontaminate paint

Smooth as glass paint finish

Polish, color brighten & rejuvenate paint finish

Applied synthetic wax paint protection

Clean and dress all vinyl, plastic and trim

Clean and protect wheel rims

Super black lustrous tires

Streak free, crystal-clear glass

Detailing Services

Starting at $320

  • For small 2 door cars
  • Custom pricing available according to your vehicle needs. Call us or stop by to get a free estimate

What's Included In Our

Modesta Maintenance

With our maintenance wash we will make sure your coating is clean and healthy for years to come, using nothing but the best Aenso Car Care Products and of course Modesta M line products.

Taking care of everything on the exterior, body, wheels, windows, and including a quick vacuum and wipe on the interior.

Uses Aenso Car Care products

Uses Modesta M line products

Includes exterior, body, wheels, windows

Includes quick vacuum

Wipes down the interior

Modesta Maintenance

$90 (small vehicles)

  • Only for Modesta Coated Vehicles
  • Custom pricing available according to your vehicle needs. Call us or stop by to get a free estimate
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