Plastic & Trim Restoration

The plastic and trim on the exterior of your vehicle is prone to damage, which is why we offer repair and restoration as part of our detailing services. Call for pricing.



You do not have to replace damaged plastic bumpers and trim. With our restorations, we can save your plastic and trim making them look brand new again. Our professional and permanent solutions restore the exterior plastics.

Long-Term Protection

Damaging Sun Rays

We also provide long-term protection against damaging sun rays, oxidation and other atmospheric contaminants. We can repair scuffs, dents, scratches and fading.

Don't Replace,

Restore The Finish

With The Detailing Pros, our techs will restore the finish of your plastics to factory-new condition.

The Sun Can Damage Exterior Plastics

In recent years, many auto manufacturers have started to favor darker plastic trim on the exterior of vehicles. Unfortunately, these parts are prone to deterioration. Oxidation and damaging UV rays from the sun can damage and fade exterior plastics and trim over time. They will become dry, brittle and faded if not properly maintained. You have all seen the black or gray bumpers or mirror casings becoming dull and fall flat. Oxidation, ozone and even errant wax application can damage these plastic parts. Though they are small, the plastic trimmings have a huge impact on the overall appearance of your vehicle. With our plastic and trim repair, we can restore these parts of your car to a showroom quality finish that will last.


We'll Clean and Restore Your Plastic & Trim

The Detailing Pros will get to work cleaning and restoring your plastic and trim with our professional products and innovative techniques. If your trim already has any dressing, we will remove it to avoid any discoloration caused by layering. This also allows our professional products to cure directly to the plastics. In doing so, we can provide better, longer-lasting results.

Shield Your Trim From Future UV Rays

Our services and products also include quality plastic, rubber and vinyl protectants. It will shield your trim from future UV rays and prevent fading for months to come. With The Detailing Pros, our techs will restore the finish of your plastics to factory-new condition.

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