Modesta Ceramic Coatings

Ceramic coatings starting at just $750 (plus paint correction if needed)
For more information and pricing give us a call or stop by.
Pricing is subject to condition of vehicle needs and size of vehicle.



With Modesta applied to your paintwork and/or paint protection film, you will not need to apply traditional waxes or sealants for protection, so maintenance is incredibly easy with simple washes and maintenance sprays.Β 



These coatings are layer-able to produce a thicker top coat if used correctly. Offering effective durability to extreme temperatures (UV protect-ant) and an insane gloss.


Yearly Inspections

Maintenance should always be performed by a professional with required skill and equipment. Modesta M1shot and Shampoos are highly recommended for protecting the coating. We recommend yearly inspections of the coating to insure it is performing at its optimal level.


Modesta VS. A Traditional Car Wax

When compared to a traditional car wax or paint sealant, a paint coating forms a much harder, thicker layer of protection, enabling them to last considerably longer.

Modesta Glass Coatings are also the most hydrophobic coatings available. This creates a self cleaning effect that will not only keep your vehicle cleaner, but make your vehicle easier to clean when you do wash it.

On top of the unequalled protection offered, Modesta Coatings also add astonishing gloss and luster to your paintwork that other coatings can’t compare to. Check out our gallery for more examples!


Greater protection than traditional wax or sealant

Ceramic Coatings provide far greater protection than any conventional or traditional car wax or paint sealant.

While a typical car wax or paint sealant can only last and hold up a few months, a paint coating forms a much stronger, harder bond that can withstand the elements to a much greater degree and can last for years depending upon the product, application and maintenance

Modesta produces an instant luminous shine

Ceramic Coatings, like Modesta are resistant to minor scratching, paint chipping and swirls, alkaline cleaners, road salts, road grime, tar, bird droppings, water spots as well as the harsh car-washing environment. Modesta does not crack, bubble, flake, peel, delaminate, detach or discolor at temperatures up to 700 Β°C.

This new product combines pure liquid glass and titanium dioxide for extra shine without affecting durability. Titanium dioxide reflects light and produces an instant luminous shine and candy like gloss that cannot be achieved with traditional car waxes and paint sealants.


What's Included In Our

Modesta Maintenance

With our maintenance wash we will make sure your coating is clean and healthy for years to come, using nothing but the best Aenso Car Care Products and of course Modesta M line products.

Taking care of everything on the exterior, body, wheels, windows, and including a quick vacuum and wipe on the interior,

Uses Aenso Car Care products

Uses Modesta M line products

Includes exterior, body, wheels, windows

Includes quick vacuum

Wipes down the interior

Modesta Maintenance

$90 (small vehicles)

  • Only for Modesta Coated Vehicles
  • Custom pricing available according to your vehicle needs. Call us or stop by to get a free estimate
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