Headlight Restoration

Here at The Detailing Pros we bring the life back to your headlights.
$75 per headlight (restoration and coating)


Restores Clarity

With our services we can safely restore the clarity of your headlights to crystal clear and add a new protective coating to avoid further damage in the future.


Multi-Step System

We use a professional multi-step sanding and polishing system to remove the yellowing, stains, scratches, and flaws.

Protection To

Avoid Further Damage

We provide you with very clear and safe headlights and tough protective layer to guard against future degradation from the elements.

Protect Against The Elements

Your lens covers can yellow, haze and suffer damage over time. This limits your visibility and diminishes the appearance of the vehicle. Most people don’t know what causes this yellowing effect and there are many factors with one being the heat from the headlight bulb itself.

And regardless of where you live, your car’s headlights are exposed to a variety of damaging environmental factors such as:

Sunlight/UV rays

Constant heating and cooling


Pollution and smog

Harsh chemicals



Prevent Serious Visibility Safety Concerns

These factors as well as others accelerate the effects of oxidation to your headlights and quickly dull and degrade your headlight lenses. This is not only an unsightly problem, but yellow, clouded headlights reduce light output and impede your ability to see at night, creating a serious safety concern.

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