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St Louis Car Detailing Services

A deep clean: before and after St Louis car detailing process photosAs specialists in auto detailing since 1982, we know that your car’s appearance is important and we’re ready to bring it into shape and keep it there. Our professional St Louis car detailing team offers you an exceptional customer service experience combined with our attention to your car’s detail, both inside and out.

Expert St Louis Car Detailing

Cars and trucks in Missouri are often subject to a wide variety of weather and road conditions.  Months of dry, hot, summer conditions around the St. Louis area can leave your car looking dusty. Winter storms and road salt can accumulate on exterior paint.  Grime can coat plastic trim parts as well as inside vinyl surfaces, detracting from the appearance of vehicles. The Detailing Pros have seen the results of these conditions and we know what it takes to mitigate them. Specialty St Louis car detailing is not just a talent of ours; it’s a passion so let us demonstrate that to you with a thorough “like new” cleaning of your car.

Reconditioning & More Than Just Waxing

Our reconditioning services deliver protection for paint, glass, and plastic/vinyl surfaces on your car to help prolong the value of our detail services.  You can count on our paint expertise for more than just polishing and waxing.  We offer car paint touch-ups and paintless dent removal as well. You can even top off your services with our windshield repair service and our headlight repair. What’s the difference between dropping a few pounds of sweat into your car on your own with a residential vacuum cleaner and gumption?  See what Wikipedia has to say about auto detailing and think about the time (as well as the know-how) it’s going to take to remove dirt, crud, and that buildup of goo from every nook and cranny of your car (dashboards, trim pieces, wood/plastic parts, cloth/leather seats, floor panels, floor carpets, etc…). Consider taking a break while you let our trained experts handle the job at our state of the art facility.

Every car deserves to shine (literally) and you can rest assure that our specialists will handle your automotive detailing with care. Luxury cars, classic cars, muscle cars, rag tops, two doors, four doors, pickup trucks, dualies, and just about anything else on wheels can all be handled by us. Regardless of whether you live in West County, North County, South County, or anywhere else around the city of St Louis, call us at (314) 717-2791 and we can discuss your St Louis car detailing needs with you.

We are conviently located in West County and provide coverage to a large area including but not limited to Ellisville, Ballwin, Manchester, Town & Country, Valley Park, Fenton, Wildwood, Creve Coeur, Des Peres, Chesterfield, and more!