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Rag Top Cleaning

If you are a convertible owner, you know how great of a feeling is to drive with the top off. But in the same time, you also know how hard it is to maintain a ragtop. There are two types of soft tops to consider one being a vinyl top and the other being canvas. Both are treated and maintained differently.

Ragtop, (Canvas) is a very soft material like fabric found most commonly on today’s high-end vehicles. This canvas type of soft-top has an amazing, cosmetic benefit to the overall appearance to your car. However, that new ragtop does not last long if not maintained or cared for properly.

Maintaining, cleaning and sealing a ragtop top is not an easy thing to do and it’s better left for the professionals to take care of.

Even though the ragtops are pretty resilient to the effects of Mother Nature, harsh weather environments and the damaging effects from the standard car washing facilities there are several things to take into consideration.

Dirt and debris can work its way into the fabric and start a breakdown process that will destroy the fabric and fade the color within the first few years of ownership. Once this process takes place there is really no way to restore the ragtop if the damage gets too far gone.

We at The Detailing Pros have been dealing with soft tops for over 40 years and have the technology and products to insure the long term look and appearance of your cars beautiful ragtop.

We use specialty brushes, vacuum systems and cleaners that will not create any additional damage but in fact get the soft top cleaned and protected for years to come.

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