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Paint Correction

Paint technology is one of the most misunderstood areas in auto detailing. In most cases, dull, oxidized and contaminated vehicle paint can be completely restored and protected to last for years. There are several different types of damage on a vehicle’s painted surface, both above and below the surface. Here at The Detailing Pros we offer paint rejuvenation processes that not only bring your vehicle’s paint surface back to life, but we can protect it more fully with our new patented process for up to five years.

We can correct paint scratches, bird dropping damage, industrial fallout, rust and many other types of damage on your vehicle’s painted surface.

Most detailers just don’t have the education or training to know what may or may not be best for the long term protection of your vehicle’s painted surfaces. We at The Detailing Pros are specialists in the art of paint reconditioning and offer all our clients the very best in the paint correction processes we’ve perfected over 30 years.

Starting at Only $200 for small cars. Call now for appointment or free quote.