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Odor Removal

We know you love a freshly cleaned and detailed car interior as much as we do. If you have smells coming from your carpet, upholster, or air conditioner and air duct system, we have the specialized services you need. Studies show that the interior of a vehicle is one of the unhealthiest environments that people can be exposed to on a daily basis.

We at The Detailing Pros have dealt with many types of odors caused by all types of issues. Our odor removal treatment eliminates harmful festering germs, bacteria, allergens, mold, fungus and odors.

Not only do we get the smell out of your upholstery and carpets but go one many steps further to treat the other common but widely not known source of interior car odors, the air conditioning and vent ducts (A/C) system.

Most people don’t know that the components in most car A/C units are a magnet for air pollutants, including dust, dirt, grime, pollen, spores and germs. These pollutants form bacteria, mold and fungi, which create a bad smell that, can even affect your health.

From cigarette smoke to pet odors, from mold to mildew we eliminate all your bad odor issues… Call us today and we can get you set up for an interior odor elimination treatment right away. It’s a marvel of science that results in a strong and long-lasting Interior Air Quality in your vehicle.

Starting at $350

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