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Additional Auto Detail Services

It’s more than auto detail services  – Refinish and repair the right way!

Every car we recondition in St. Louis is unique and so is what you look for in auto detail services. We take the time to go over every aspect in our services in a most professional manner consistent with the high quality detail service.  There are plenty of locations around St. Louis that can wax or buff your car; in fact you can buy consumer products and try to do it yourself.  We stand apart from the rest thanks to our team of dedicated technicians who are trained and certified (not just someone who can move a buffer around in circles) but personal detail specialists who have experience in removing the dirt, grunge, and grime, and who know how to get from where your car is today to where you want it to be tomorrow.

Paintwork & car coating fixes

Our expert auto detail services will bring back your car’s paintwork with the right combination of tools to prepare, polish, and protect the exterior coats.  We’ll do the best possible job to try and remove stains on your car’s cloth or leather seats and we’ll even address the harder aspects of detailing such as metal and chrome surfaces in addition to the more “visible” glass surfaces (which can show streaks and “cleaning marks” if not treated properly). Dents or scratches on your favorite ride?  Bring it to us for an estimate on fixing them and adding a protective coat to keep your surfaces looking amazing. Your finishing once had a shine and luster to it; let our professional detailing crew bring that memory back!

Almost Anywhere, on your schedule

Most car washes force you to go to their location and they rush through the cleaning process as quickly as possible. Detailing takes time and because it can be an inconvenience to drop your car off somewhere, a mobile auto detail service is your best bet.  We’ll schedule an appointment with you at an address in our service area to take away the stress of having to arrange for rides or rental cars while we remove the grit, grime, and everything in between from your favorite wheels.  Most, if not all of our impressive auto detail services can be performed in almost any well-lit parking area so why not treat yourself to a premium experience and feel great about the look of your ride again?

For a free estimate on your St Louis Auto Detail services, give us a call at (314) 717-2791.