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About The Detailing Pros

We’re all about quality car detailing service

Detailing Pros was founded and is run by its owner, Mel Craig today.  Mel believes in quality service as well as your satisfaction when it comes to your car’s detailing.  These values are an integral part of every Detailing Pros licensed professional location and Missouri is no exception to that. As your St. Louis area auto detailing experts, we’re proud to have passed the “master certification” training program that ensures the quality result of each detail project we’re a part of in Missouri.  Each visit is backed by the company’s signature 100% satisfaction guarantee (try getting that at your local Saint Louis car wash) and each of our licensed detail technicians delivers amazing customer service as part of the services we provide to you.

It’s time to make your car shine in St. Louis

We can’t wait to hear from you about your car reconditioning needs and a convenient appointment at your location around St. Louis is just a phone call away – call us at (314) 717-2791 to get started!

Check out the headquarters in Huntington Beach, CA

Backed by our detailing master certification training, The Detailing Pros St. Louis offers high quality car detailing services for autos of every type around the Saint Louis area. Dirty, really dirty, unrecognizable? We're experts in more than just cleaning your car; we also polish wheels and repair windshields!
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