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  • High-End
    Detail Services

    We’re experts at everything from professional car detailing to paint correction and paint coating/ceramic coating

  • Interior

    You can trust our specialists with even the most delicate interiors, Not only we will clean and revive the inetrior of your car, but we will protect it to prevent that.

  • Paint Protection
    Ceramic Coatings

    The most advanced and durable protective coating ever developed for the automotive industry

St. Louis Car Detailing

The Detailing Pros are experts in car care and specialize in St. Louis car detailing, paint correction and beautification of today’s automobiles. The services offered and provided come from 42 years of experience in the car care industry. Our customer service and customer satisfaction is rated nationally as one of the best car detailing companies in the U.S.

St. Louis, Missouri

Professional Detail Service

We offer a variety of mobile detail packages for every budget and every detailing need. Our most basic detail service offers a great package including attention to interior and exterior surfaces (not just a quick vacuum and freshening up) while our Paint Coating and Paint Protection services deliver you even with even more built-in pluses. The Detailing Pros are St. Louis auto detailing and Paint Protection experts.  We put your car back on the roads in St. Louis with our premium detail packages and our talents that literally make paint shine, at your place or ours.

Trained St. Louis


Our personalized approach we use to getting your car looking like amazing starts with our personal team of licensed professionals.  The Detailing Pro experience is backed by our detailing master certification training program which enables us to deliver high quality service on every car detail project around St. Louis. You can get a wax job and buy off-the-shelf products that claim to magically restore your car’s luster almost anywhere but you’ll be hard pressed to get our beautiful Saint Louis auto detail results and our customer service elsewhere!

It’s Easy

Drop you car off and we will take care of the rest

Stop by our shop today for a FREE estimate. Our Certified technicians we will go over your car and give you with different options to bring your car back to proper standards and to protect your paint for years to come.